Monday, July 19, 2010


Remember when I posted these. Well I finally got around to repainting the ones that I had from my kids. They were bright blue! I am terrible about taking before photos. Please forgive me!

I love the way they turned out! Whatcha think?Frames were purchased at Wal- Mart $10 for the 12x12 and $8 for the 8x8. I am loving these shadow box frames. I used burlap for the back of the, easy and looks great! I even got around to putting the little shirts that my children first know the ones they put on after their first bath in the hospital. I always asked the nurses at the hospital before I took them. I love the little memento and the kids love seeing how little they once were. Boy do they grow too fast. They are hanging on either side of the window on our staircase...I am still trying to figure out a cute something for above the window maybe?? Maybe a sign or vinyl lettering.... Maybe with the saying "Behold your little ones." I don't know yet. Any ideas welcome.


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