Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Case of Emergency...Day 21

Today is our last organizing challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. For our last day I thought I'd share with you our Family Emergency Preparedness Station.

Some may call me a little paranoid or some may say I am gosh darn on top of things! Or both! Whatever, it may be...I can rest a little easier knowing that I have put together supplies for my family in case the need arises.

Here is our shelf...it is in our garage and everything on the shelf is for our 72 hr. kits. I have put together 72 hr. kits for each member of my family.

Each kit consists of:
Food and water for 3 days
Game/Book ( to keep mind off of emergency)
First Aid Kit
And many other items.

You can learn more about 72 hr. kits here.

These kits are updated every year with new food and clothing as children grow. Thankfully we've never had to use them.

Along with our 72hr. kits I put together a emergency binder. Which holds copies of all our very important documents and are stored in a safe. I've also given my parents a copy of the information just in case.

Included in the binder:
Birth certificates
marriage certificate
recent photo of each family member
phone number lists
immunization records
social security card
account numbers for everything and phone numbers for each
life insurance certificate
home owners insurance
car insurance
It looks a little something like this.... (with a little blur for safety)

I can rest a little easier knowing that we would be okay if an emergency arose. We also talk to our kids about places to meet in case of emergency when we are not together and people to call. Or what to do if they were at school and something happens. I know it's not fun to talk about but it could be very helpful and make a emergency situation a little easier.

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Is there an area in your home that needs help that you'd like me to cover...let me know!
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What more information on 72 hour kits..check out this updated post here.http://endlesscrafting.blogspot.com/2012/09/in-case-of-emergency-72-hour-kit-update.html


queenbee1994 said...

Wow!!!! This is impressive and I bet it gives yu so much peace of mind. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I definitely want to do this for my family! Great job on the challenge!

Colleen said...

Now THAT is pretty organized!

Jodi said...

This is awesome! My hubby and I are re-doing our kits as a Valentine's Day date. We're going to use "gift money" to replenish supplies and go shopping together and put them all together for our date night activity. Ok we're nerds like that.

Toni said...

This is an awesome shelf! My neighbor and best friend is mormon and has shared some lds tips with me. I am still working on my emergency 72 hr kits... but will hopefully be finished soon! Thanks for the post.

Kristin said...

i love this idea!

Aerin said...

Oh my gosh, you are totally going to survive the zombie apocalypse. MUST get my own in order!

Sam said...

I have a document on my computer with a list of stuff for a kit. You've inspired me to start making some up!

Dee said...

can you share in a little more detail what is on your shelf exactly other than the 72 hour kits. Thanks this is so helpful.

The Buckner Family said...

Do you actually get "official" copies of your documents or just photo copies. Thank you so much for sharing. Loving it!

The Buckner Family said...

Do you actually get "official" copies of your documents or just photo copies. Thank you so much for sharing. Loving it!

Natalie said...

My originals are stored in a safe. I made copies of all them and stuck them in a binder and put them in my husbands backpack.

I am planning a new post to show exactly what's on the shelf.

Bessie said...

I would suggest that along with a picture of each child/person you have a copy of fingerprints, you can get a fingerprint booklet for each kid at the police station. I had one when ours were young, it all helps with peace of mine.

cathhasablog@gmail.com said...

You've inspired me to do this...we keep hearing the big one is coming (earthquake) and I am not prepared at all if this happens. You're blog is lovely and full of inspiration...I am your newest follower. If you have a chance, swing by my blog (and make sure you say hi!). xo Cath

Home is Where my Heart is

Evie said...

All this preparedness stuff is overwhelming to me sometimes. I appreciate your post that makes it look more simple.
As someone else posted, I'd love more details of what you've put in the kits, suggestions and ideas of how to fit it all in each person's pack.
I am inspired by you. Thank you!

Rae Grounds said...


vgclairisch said...

I've created a mini 72-hr kit in our trunk and am beginning to work on the kits for inside our apartment, but seeing one third of our trunk taken over by red bags makes me occasionally feel a little over-zealous, especially when my husband and I are looking at it together. It's nice to see and know that I am not the only one, and that not everyone thinks I'm going a little overboard. ;-)

Sir sheamus said...

Really informative and useful information.
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DeLynne said...

Practicing fire drills with your kids is a good idea. I taught my older daughter an emergency meeting place, and told her if she ever went there, to NOT COME BACK into the house without a grown-up (didn't want them running into a burning house). Never thought we'd need it, but one day I noticed our house was filling with gas. I said, 'Get out now.' in a controlled voice and they both ran without a word. When I caught up with them (cut off gas, opened windows) they were holding hands right where they were supposed to be.

Candie Michaud said...

I am sure i will do this way too. Were newly wed however for safety things are better to do start to organized everything step by step. Love this so much usedful. Thank you for sharing.

Kitchen Witche said...

Something I have added that doesn't take up much space/weight is that I have tried to scan every photo I have and burn them onto a cd when I can. This way you never loose your photos.
~Shannon Heather

Kris said...

I'm wondering if you would mind if I use your idea for a family 72 hour kit in our ward's preparedness newsletter?

Kris Thorne

Kris said...

I'm wondering if you would mind if I use your idea for a family 72 hour kit in our ward's preparedness newsletter?

Kris Thorne

mommatstable said...

Many thanks for your post. Two weeks ago an F4 tornado passed within a mile of our house. While our house and family were fine, over 1000 households were destroyed or damaged. We have been side by side with friends as they begin to pick up the pieces. I know many of them would have benefited by having kits like this handy and ready to go. My family used to pick at me about being "over prepared". They are not laughing any more. After this experience, I have seen many ways that I can step up my game though. A leash, food, water and paper work for our pets need to be added to my pile. We also have USB sticks for each of our computers with important documents and photos on them that we update. Another suggestion by our insurance agent is to photograph the "things" you own and keep a file of that because you will have to list all of your belongings when you file a claim. Having photos and receipts when possible will help in that process. We are considering keeping birth certificates, etc as well as these electronic documents in a safety deposit box at the bank now.

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