Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby On the Brain

I am starting the countdown til baby arrives it seems that all I can think about is baby stuff. I have just a few more things to do but little energy as my belly expands. The lack of energy as you can tell from my sudden non posting habits have landed me in my recliner at about 3 p.m. for a little afternoon nap which is something I NEVER do. My kids thankfully have been very good about mom's little cat nap.

Here are a few things in the works around here:

*I've been using this cute berry spray paint to spruce up a few things for the baby's room. The mirror I had used for Christmas over my mantle got a pink treatment and I love it! It will be hung above the dresser.

*I found this cute little bird house at a local consignment boutique and thought a little spray of berry spray paint would look so cute. I have plans for the bird house.

* I finished sewing the drapes for the baby's room just need the hubby to hang them. I am not getting on the ladder anymore. :)

* I purchased this I AM A CHILD OF GOD print from here. I used leftover fabric for a "matte" and plan to create a small collage in the room.

*Baby's clothes are all washed and ready to go...along with a stock of diapers and wipes. I can't believe we are going to have another little one around here soon.

* I purchased these cute little headbands and check out this adorable diaper cover...I can just picture the newborn pictures now!

I have a few things to do and still purchase:

-purchase this IKEA storage shelf

-hang pictures

-purchase diaper bag...loving this one...I am looking for a deal. This one is just bit out of my price range.

I am also loving this one found here which is in my budget!

-get bassinet and carseat

-finalize a name! (any suggestions)

-pack my bag! (Is there anything that you packed in your bag that was helpful to you?)

-Try to relax and enjoy the last few weeks!


Melissa said...

I loved having my ipod with me. It was nice to not have to listen to all the machines I was hooked up to. My little girl was born last September...not so little anymore :) We named her Kolbie.

Colleen said...

Everything looks great! love that color you used.

Any names in the running? If I had another girl I would have named her Avery.

Amy Huertas said...

I just started following your blog a couple months ago and love what your doing in the nursery! I love those colors together! I have three little ones...Two year old twins and an 8 month old. I love my girl names Selah is my oldest and the name comes from the book of Psalm meaning to Pause and to consider. My other daughters name is Evangeline and we call her Eva for short! Evangeline is a derivative of Evangelist and which means to bring good news!

I look forward to see what name you choose! Enjoy your little one!

Amber @ Life Will Never Be The Same said...

I love that color pink spray paint we have been using it around here for a homemade hair bow holder frame. So pretty! I love the bird house!

Emily said...

Sounds like the nursery is coming together. I can relate to the three o' clock nap. I remember those pregnant days. It's like you just hit a wall isn't it. Good Luck making it through the last few weeks!

The Uncluttered Lifestyle said...

I get so many ideas from your blog. I'm passing on to you the Versatile Blogger Award.

Ispirato Design said...

I am your newest follower! As I was reading your post this morning I felt a bit like crying. How I miss what you are going through- the excitement and anticipation of a new little one about to arrive! I love how you are fixing up her room-it's adorable! Looking forward to following :)

Have any pets or know someone who does- I'm giving away a pet portrait- please stop by!

Cindy@Cinsarah said...

I am your newest follower! I love your blog! :)


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