Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Experiment

The other day I got an email asking about my cleaning schedule.. She asked if I really did all the things I talked about every morning. In response I told her that I did. But then I started long does it take me to get my "morning routine" done? So this morning before I started the "routine" that I've done for years and years I thought I would start my stop watch on my phone to see how long it actually took me in the morning to get the house in order.

Now with a stop watch going I really wanted to go as fast as I could because I'm just silly like that but I didn't. I did it at my normal pace and this is the result...Drum roll please.......just kidding!

In this time I was able to:

Make 5 beds
Wipe down 3 bathroom sinks
Clean downstair toilet (the one that gets used the most)
Fold one load of laundry and put in another load
Wash breakfast dishes
Wipe down kitchen counters
sweep kitchen
( I normally vacuum but I vacuumed last night)
So maybe add 10 minutes to this time. Not to bad,right?

And the house is in order!

What's your morning cleaning routine? How long does it take you?
Try the experiment and let me know! :)


jeana said...

I'm always interested in what people do to keep their homes clean and it's nice to know how long it takes. I make beds and pick up my room first thing, my boys do their rooms, then I start a load of laundry and dishes and counter while they feed dogs and eat breakfast. I usually wipe down bathrooms and sweep/clean floors after we do school. Along with picking up after ourselves throughout the day the house stays nice. Once a week, I'll dust or clean the fridge, or whatever else needs to be done. I think our time is about the same as yours, not bad at all! I love that our house is company ready within minutes, it feels great!

Colleen said...

I love that you do it every day. I feel like I am so random on any given day. it's just too chaotic with trying to get out of the house!

Monica said...

Thanks. That is great, I'm going to try it out. I'm with Colleen, it just seems so chaotic, but maybe adding a routine will help. I'm assuming I was the one you are referring to, but I didn't see a response. I checked back at the post and there wasn't a response. My email address is Thanks so much for your help!

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