Friday, April 6, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge

I am linking up to The House of Smith's Photo A Day link party. I have been participating in the challenge since January and finally got around to figuring out how to make a collage...ugh! It should not have been so difficult to figure out. haha! Here are a few of the shots I captured this month. Oh how I love my iphone and Instagram!

Want to join April's Challenge?


Miranda said...

fun photos!!

Boni said...

Great photos! Happy Friday! :)

House of Smiths said...

Oooo! Those baby toes! So so so cute! :)
Thanks for linking up girly!

Vanessa Barker said...

Oh man, I'm dying over your little one's cheeks. I could kiss and pinch them all day!!

Vanessa Barker

Colleen said...

that looks like a fun challenge : )

Cameron Stimson said...

Oh LOVE your photos! Great job on the collage...what did you use to put it together? Have a great weekend!

~Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}

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